O Porto / by Callie Burnett

My list of long good-byes started two weeks ago as I rode the train from Lisbon to Porto to visit some friends. I friend's family hosted me so well and made sure I was fed well and experienced all of the second-largest city in Portugal I could in the 2 days that I was there! I met Ana, Timóteo, and Patricia when I worked at a summer camp a couple months ago, and they quickly became family. My visit was the fulfillment of a promise I made to them to come and explore the city they claim is even better than Lisbon. Porto is just 3 hours north of Lisbon, but the atmospheres couldn't be any different. Still colorful yet with darker hues, Porto was much smaller, chillier, and calmer than Lisbon (especially during tourism season), but there was no lack of things to do and see. I definitely will return and make sure that next time my friends take me to all of the wineries in the Douro Valley (hint, hint...Patricia & Ana).