The Magic of Sintra / by Callie Burnett

Having a local's point of view while traveling is always a game-changer. My friend, Ricardo, recently showed me around his charming town, Sintra. I had explored a little bit of Sintra before, but I had only hit the tourist-sights. Ricardo took me hiking in the forest, on the most stunning drive through the mountains (think Big-Sur-beautiful for you Americans), to Quinta da Regaleira, and many spots in between. I had the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack playing in my head most of the day because this town looks straight out of a Disney fairytale. We spent 7 hours walking, hiking, and exploring Sintra, and I've picked my favorite photos from our adventure to share with you. And to conclude, we ended the day with a coffee and pastry.

If you are traveling through Lisbon or Sintra feel free to contact me for a more detailed, insider's itinerary!