Jardim Tapada das Necessidades / by Callie Burnett

Any of my good friends will tell you that one of the places that I feel most alive is in a garden (or really just out in nature in general). I found out about this garden from a blog I stumbled onto via Pinterest. Jardim Tapada das Necessidades is situated high in an older part of the city, and you can only find it by winding through streets with tight turns and steep hills. I didn't realize how big it was going to be, but it took me a good hour to wander through and take photos. I could have spent all day there! I made the mistake of going at noon, so I found myself fighting with harsh lighting. On the plus side, I only saw a total of about 15 people during my time there on a Friday afternoon, and the geese happened to be highly photogenic, positioning themselves perfectly for photos (as you can see below). Overall, this magical fairyland of gigantic succulents, ducks, swans, old pink architexture, and stunning views of the 25 de Abril bridge, far exceeded my expectations.