Copenhagen Coffee Lab / by Callie Burnett

So far, this little coffee shop has proved to be the spot most like Nashville in Lisbon. Shortly after arriving in Portugal, I realized that ordering a cup of coffee meant ordering espresso. Espresso=coffee, and to ask for a regular cup of black coffee is definitely not the norm. Some places don't even serve it! Even though my go-to is a plain cup of black coffee, I've really come to love Portuguese cafe.

Copenhagen Coffee Lab, however, serves all kinds of coffee brewed multiple ways. You can get a V60 drip, an aeropress, an espresso, and all kinds of lattes. The prices are a little steeper than most places in Lisbon (an espresso costs less than a dollar), but I've allowed myself to splurge because the dirty chai was just too good to resist. The clean interior and English speaking baristas could have fooled me into thinking I was somewhere in Nashville. The food was also unbelievable, so you can bet that this is going to be one of my regular spots!