Afternoon in Belém / by Callie Burnett

A pastor I met soon after arriving in Lisbon connected me with a German guy named Daniel who was on vacation and had a car and wanted to get out and see the city. So we drove to Belém, another touristy but gorgeous location. The weather was absolutely perfect. It was barely cool and sunny around golden hour, and, as you can imagine, I kept enthusiastically running around taking photos because this church and the garden in front are not what you casually stumble upon in the States. 

Another big site nearby (pictured below) was the 25 de Abril Bridge that was built by the same architect who built the Golden Gate. On the other side of the river you can even see the Christo Rei statue in the distance! The bridge looks almost identical to the Golden Gate, which was fitting because Lisbon reminds me so much of San Francisco. There's even an ironic McDonald's nearby in the middle of the historical buildings that made me laugh.